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Warranty Info



  • We stand behind all of our products by offering a lifetime warranty on every item we sell. That means if your item breaks, falls apart, or malfunctions under normal use – we’ll replace it with the same item free of charge. You don’t need to return the product.


  • What's "normal use"? Generally acceptable, or common usage of the particular item. We do not replace things like Blade scratches or scuffed handles from normal usage.


  • If have a warranty issue, please email a photo of the defective area, purchase date or info, product model/color and your complete name with current shipping address. Email: support@tansung.com.



  • We offer 100% Money-Back Guarantee on all our products. To get a Full-Refund all items must be the product that is damaged, broken or malfunctions under normal use.


  • If you purchased from Amazon they require that you return it through their system. If you purchased directly from TANSUNG (this website)  please email us a quick photo of the damaged area of the product,and include your name,order number and Refund account.


  • Please keep in mind that the replacement process can take 1-2 weeks to complete with shipping times, especially during a holiday season.


  • We'll do our best to expedite it and make it as painless as possible.


  • Email: support@tansung.com



  • If you have any issues or problems with your order or product, please start by emailing us a few key details so we can help you more effectively. 


  1. Your full name and current shipping address
  2. Item model / color
  3. When and where you purchased the product
  4. Order Number
  5. Photo of defective part or area, so we can see what happened. This also helps us to make improvements.


  • Email this info to >  support@tansung.com


  • Give us 24 hours to respond and we promise - we will take care of you.



  • Email:  support@tansung.com


  • We're open Monday thru Friday from 9am to 6pm (CST /  China Standard Time)


  • We typically respond in 24 hours. Thanks for your patience & support.