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How to Pick a Chef's Knife

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A KNIFE Of all the kitchen equipment you'll ever own, nothing is more vital or more indispensable than a good knife. This is particularly true of a chef's knife, which thanks to its design is suitable for a broad range of tasks, from chopping vegetables to slicing fish, and breaking down chickens to mincing garlic or ginger. If you’re wondering how to choose a chef knife, there are numerous factors to consider, such as weight, sharpness, material and balance. It’s also worth examining what cooking style you’re using the knife for. For every job there’s a perfect tool, and a chef is only as sharp as their knife.  A knife is the simplest of utensils...

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Kitchen Shears Can Do More Than You Think

Kitchen shears are indispensable and are an important part of any well-equipped kitchen. Any home cook knows that chopping and slicing can be the most time-consuming part of meal prep. While a quality, sharp knife can make all the difference, we’re here to open your eyes to another cutting essential: your kitchen shears.   Created to be easily unhinged for quick cleaning, this often-overlooked kitchen staple is made to get messier than you might think. If you’re using your kitchen shears like any other pair of scissors in your junk drawer, it’s time to reconsider the resourcefulness that lies in a quick snip. So, just what can you do with a pair of good shears? Here are all the ways...

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How to Care for and Maintain Your Knives

“A kitchen without a knife is not a kitchen.”—Masaharu Morimoto, Iron Chef and restaurateur It's hard to imagine running a restaurant kitchen without good chef's knives, serrators and other slicing and carving knives. That's why most cooks have their own, and care for and maintain them with almost fanatical devotion. Here are some tips for taking care of the cook's best friends.   Care and Maintenance Following a few care and maintenance steps will help prolong the life of your knife and ensure excellent performance.     Don't leave your knives in the kitchen sink. Not only is it dangerous for whoever washes the dishes, it's also bad for your knives -- the blade can get scratched, or worse, the tip...

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